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Cartoon monkey on a bed with numbers from 1 to 10.

10 Silly Monkeys’ Adventure at Counting Carnival

Cartoon of a joyful brown monkey sitting on a bed in a child's room with its hands up, laughing.

One sunny morning in the lush green jungle, One gangly monkey named Bongo awoke in his bedroom littered with banana peels. He scratched his furry belly and let out a great big yawn, flashing his shiny white teeth.

Bongo leapt from his creaky, tangled bed and pounced onto his brother Tiki’s bed, bouncing on the sproingy coils. “Wake up, you sleepyhead!” he chattered. Tiki’s eyes fluttered open, and he grunted in his groggy morning voice.

Two playful monkeys are awake now!” whooped Bongo and Tiki as they hopped around the room stirring up a ruckus. They scurried into Mango’s pretty pink bedroom and dove onto her flowery bedsheets.

Two cartoon monkeys jumping on the bed in a child's room.

Bongo tickled Mango’s polka-dotted toes until she erupted in melodic laughter. “Three jumpy monkeys ready for some fun!” cheered Bongo, Tiki, and Mango as they spun around the room.

Three cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

Next the trio tiptoed into Chichi’s room, where he snored up a storm. They surrounded his bed dripping in drool and shouted “Boo!” Chichi jolted awake, fur standing on end, and hollered “FOUR noisy monkeys!”

Four cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

The four rambunctious monkeys snuck up on Lulu as she dozed deeply under her superhero blankets. “Dogpile on Lulu!” they cried as they jumped on top of her. “Oof, I’m squashed!” groaned Lulu from the bottom of the silly monkey mound.

Five silly monkeys piling up!” giggled the playmates as they rolled off the bed in fits of belly laughter.

Five cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

The commotion woke up Zizi. “Six merry monkeys ready to play!” they cheered, as Zizi joined the fun.

Six cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

Just then, Mimi and Fifi came swinging in. “Seven lively monkeys causing a riot!” shouted the group as they slid down the banister.

Seven cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

Searching for more friends, they found Koko and Baba too. “Eight outrageous monkeys being totally nutty!” The eight monkeys took turns sliding down the banister hooting wildly.

Eight cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

At breakfast, 9 hungry monkeys munched on bananas. “Nine nibbling monkeys chomping their food!” they chanted together.

Nine cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

Where was Chichi? Crash! He knocked over a lamp upstairs. “Ten energetic monkeys making mischief!” the group declared. Chichi made a mess as the others ate properly.

Ten cartoon monkeys dancing in a room.

After hours of counting fun, the 10 monkeys went sleep. “Ten tuckered out monkeys after a silly counting day!” The 10 exhausted monkeys collapsed in a heap, all tuckered out from their adventures. What a day!

The end.

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