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Cute small mummy strolling through the streets of New York.

Mummy the Tutu´s tale

Chapter 1: Awakening

The halls of the New York Museum of Art were silent and still in the dead of night, the moonlight casting eerie shadows across the floors. Only hours ago, workers had been buzzing around busily, carefully arranging the new Egyptian artifact exhibition set to open tomorrow.

Huge truck loaded with Egyptian artifacts in front of a museum in NYC.

The most precious relic was safely encased in a glass case – the golden sarcophagus of Princess Tutu, an ancient Egyptian royal known for her powerful magic.

Three cartoon workers pulling boxes, standing in front of a museum in New York at night.

As Tutu slept undisturbed for millennia, the world had transformed around her. If only she knew what wonders and dangers awaited in this unfamiliar modern era.

Outside, a thunderstorm was brewing. The night sky flashed violently as lightning zig-zagged across the heavens. Deafening thunderclaps shook the museum’s foundations. The storm reached its crescendo right above the building – a massive lightning bolt shattered a skylight and surged downwards, finding the shortest path to the floor.

Multiple lightning bolts during a stormy night above a museum in New York.

The sarcophagus lit up, ancient hieroglyphs glowing bright white. The lid exploded off in a shower of priceless artifacts. Inside, Tutu’s small mummified body jolted violently, electricity coursing through her.

Cartoon llustration of a lightning strike hitting a sarcophagus inside a museum.

As the smoke cleared, Tutu sat up with a gasp. She coughed, clutching her chest as breath filled her dormant lungs. Blinking against the harsh electric lights, she gazed around in bewilderment. The world was strangely bright and foreign.

Cute mummy-like creature with green eyes waking up from a sarcophagus.

Tutu gingerly climbed out of her sarcophagus, little legs wobbling. She steadied herself against a pillar, her ancient linen bandages trailing behind her. She had no memory of her life, only an innate curiosity about this puzzling new world.

Slowly, she began to shuffle through the maze of artifacts, taking in the peculiar sights and sounds. Gleaming white statues and glittering gold jewelry were bathed in the glow of unusual lanterns. Strange boxes on the walls emitted hushed voices and music.

Interior view of the Egyptian exhibition in a museum.

Nearby, Sam the night guard whistled to himself as he made his usual rounds. The old museum could get pretty creepy at night, but he wasn’t one to be rattled easily. As he entered the east wing, a blaring alarm sounded – someone had entered the off-limits Egyptian exhibit!

Kind security guard with a black beard patrolling the Egyptian exhibition in a museum at night with a smile.

Sam’s eyes widened in disbelief as the mummy turned to face him. The sight was beyond anything he had expected to encounter on his night shift. His instincts as a father kicked in, softening his approach.

“Lost your way during the museum tour, huh? And what a costume you’ve got there! Halloween’s still a ways off,” Sam quipped, his voice laced with a chuckle.

Cartoon cute mummy with green eyes walking on a red carpet in a museum.

The mummy girl simply stared at him silently. Sam could see she was no ordinary child playing dress up. He wondered if she was lost or in some kind of trouble.

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m Sam, one of the museum guards,” he said gently. “Let’s get you out of here and see if we can find your parents.”

The girl took Sam’s outstretched hand trustingly. As he led her through the halls, she gazed around with innocent curiosity at the strange modern world.

Cartoon kind guard with a black beard in a museum with a tasty little mummy.

Sam brought the unusual girl back to the security office. He tried contacting the authorities, but no missing children matched her description. Suddenly the mummy girl started to talk and told Sam to hang up the phone. She was talking with a really weird accent and told him that she is in fact a real mummy and that she is confused where she is and what is going on as she feels like having memory loss.

Stumped on what to do next, he decided to introduce her to his daughter Jessica.

“Jessica loves Egyptian history. Maybe she can help us figure this out,” Sam said. Jessica was surprised but delighted when Sam came home late with a mummy girl in tow.

Kind security guard with a black beard with his 10-year-old daughter, Jessica, in a flat in New York.

“Wow, your costume is so cool!” gushed Jessica. “You look just like the ancient drawings of Princess Tutu! Do you want me to show you my books about Egypt?”

The mummy girl smiled and nodded eagerly. She and the precocious 10-year-old pored over the books together, bonding over their shared fascination with all things Egyptian. Sam watched fondly, hoping Jessica could help uncover the mystery of their unusual new friend.

Young girl in a brightly lit room with an ancient mummy by the window.

Going through the pages with Jessica, Tutu’s eyes widened as familiar images and stories began to emerge. One particular drawing, detailed and colored in the rich hues of ancient Egypt, depicted a powerful princess holding a scepter with hieroglyphs that resembled those on her sarcophagus.

Cute small mummy with green eyes reading a book in a cosy room.

“That’s Princess Tutu!” exclaimed Jessica. “She was a famous Egyptian princess known for her magical abilities and her kindness. Legend says she ruled during a time of peace and prosperity.”

Tutu felt a tinge of nostalgia as she heard the tale. Memories began to flutter back, like long-forgotten dreams emerging from the depths of sleep. She remembered warm desert sands, a magnificent palace, and the gentle touch of her mother brushing her hair.

“Do you think…could I be her?” she murmured hesitantly, a glint of hope in her eyes.

Chapter 2: In the city

Tutu gazed around wide-eyed as Jessica led her through the bustling streets of New York City. The gleaming towers, rumbling vehicles and flashing screens mesmerized her. Everything was so different from the desert landscapes she faintly remembered.

Cute small mummy strolling through the streets of New York.

Next they went to Times Square. Tutu gawked at the dazzling billboards and towering skyscrapers. When she heard a rumbling beneath their feet, she jumped, alarmed by the passing subway. Jessica calmed her and brought her down into the station. Tutu gripped Jessica’s hand nervously as they boarded the packed train. But she soon relaxed, enjoying the smooth ride.

Cartoon cute mummy in New York jumping in front of a car on the street.

Jessica decided Coney Island would be the perfect place to end their day of adventures.
As they walked along the boardwalk, Tutu sniffed the air, captivated by the scent of delicious food wafting from stands along the way.

When they passed an ice cream stand, Jessica knew she had to introduce her friend to this classic treat. “Tutu, you have to try this – it’s called ice cream!”

Three kids in front of an ice cream stand in New York, each holding an ice cream cone.

Jessica got them each a towering soft serve cone, chocolate for Tutu and strawberry for herself. Eagerly, Tutu took a big lick of the icy cream. The cold shocked her tongue, making her eyes go wide. She swallowed hard, brain freezing from the chilly sensation.

After a moment to recover, Tutu tried another timid lick. The rich chocolaty flavor helped offset the cold. She began licking faster, savoring the sweetness. But in her enthusiasm, she didn’t notice the melting cream dribbling down the sides.

Suddenly the scoop of ice cream broke off the cone altogether and plopped onto Tutu’s chest! She gasped as the frozen blob slid down her bandages leaving a sticky, chocolaty trail.

Cute mummy standing in the middle of a New York street holding an ice cream cone.

“Oops, brain freeze and ice cream slide all at once!” Jessica said, handing her napkins. Tutu couldn’t help but giggle at the mess. As they sat on a bench enjoying the ocean view, Tutu happily polished off what remained of her first-ever ice cream cone, now knowing to take it slow with this chilly modern treat.

As the sun set over the ocean, Tutu told Jessica and her friends stories of her life in ancient Egypt. She vividly described grand pyramids, mythic creatures, and rituals honoring the pharaoh and gods. 

“Speaking of rituals,” Tutu began with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, “have you ever heard of the Dance of the Sacred Scarab?”

Jessica and her friends looked at each other, confusion evident on their faces. “No,” Jessica admitted, “what’s that?”

Egyptian beautiful small princess dancing in ancient Egypt.

“Well,” Tutu said, trying to stifle her laughter, “it was a very serious and sacred ceremony. All the young royals had to learn it. But it had this one move that always made us giggle. Want to see?”

The kids eagerly nodded, and Tutu stood up, clearing a space on the boardwalk. She began with slow, regal moves, her arms gracefully floating in the air. But then, suddenly, she began hopping from one foot to the other, her arms flapping wildly, and her head bobbing comically side to side. She looked like a chicken attempting to do ballet.

The kids burst into laughter, watching Tutu perform the silly dance. Some bystanders even joined in, mimicking Tutu’s steps and making the boardwalk come alive with a spontaneous dance-off.

Six cartoon children laughing and smiling on a street in New York.

“It was said that the Dance of the Sacred Scarab was to appease the great god Khepri,” Tutu explained, out of breath from laughing and dancing, “but really, I think it was just an ancient way of having a bit of fun!”

Jessica wiped tears of laughter from her eyes. “That was the best dance ever! I think we should make it the official dance of Coney Island!”

“Also I have one more funny story”, Tutu smiled. In ancient Egypt,” Tutu started, her eyes gleaming with mischief, “walking the Sacred Scarab was a royal duty of mine. You’d think it’d be easy, right? I mean, how fast could a beetle move? But this wasn’t any ordinary bug. I fashioned a tiny golden leash for it, expecting a calm saunter.

Young beautiful Egyptian princess holding a huge scarab.

The moment I said ‘walk’, it went zipping off like it was on a desert sugar rush, dragging me through the royal rose bushes, around the sphinx’s tail, and straight into the Pharaoh’s freshly made pyramid of fig jelly! I emerged all sticky, with the scarab proudly sporting a jelly hat. From then on, ‘Walking the Scarab’ became the number one comedic act at palace gatherings, with bets on which dessert I’d crash into next!

Tutu smiled warmly. “It’s funny how, no matter how many millennia pass, some things never change. The joy of a silly dance or the taste of a new treat brings people together, whether in ancient Egypt or modern New York.”

And as the night deepened, the boardwalk echoed with the sounds of laughter, the rhythmic beats of the Dance of the Sacred Scarab, and the cherished moments of two friends from different worlds discovering the timeless joys of life.

The next day Jessica took Tutu to join her and some friends on a trip to a popular amusement park outside the city. Tutu was both nervous and excited to meet other modern kids.

Beautiful cartoon amusement park with many rides.

Jessica introduced Tutu to her classmates Emma, Aidan and Lucas. At first they were a bit unsure what to make of the small mummy girl. But Tutu’s friendly, enthusiastic nature soon put them at ease.

Several cartoon children and a cute little mummy standing in front of an amusement park.

The kids ran from ride to ride, showing Tutu all the attractions and treating her to cotton candy and frozen lemonade. When they approached the park’s biggest rollercoaster, Tutu was hesitant to board the towering monster of twisting steel tracks.

Cute cartoon mummy with bandages on a roller coaster track and scared.

“Don’t worry, it’s not that scary! And so much fun,” Jessica encouraged her. With her friends beside her, Tutu nervously buckled herself in. As the coaster zoomed up and down stomach-dropping dips, Tutu screamed and clutched Jessica’s arm. But by the ride’s end she had a huge grin on her face and raised her arms, wanting to go again.

Getting off the ride, Tutu didn’t realize some of her mummy bandages had gotten tangled in the tracks. As she walked away, the wrappings pulled tight, yanking her back into her seat!

Cute cartoon mummy tangled in its bandages on a roller coaster track and stuck there.

Tutu shrieked in alarm as she found herself stuck on the ride. Jessica and her friends rushed over, trying not to laugh at the absurd scene.

“It’s okay Tutu, we’ll get you out!” Jessica said, carefully unwinding the linens. Once freed, Tutu couldn’t help giggling too. She may still have much to learn about this modern world, but with good friends by her side, she knew she’d be just fine.

Though mystified by this modern world, Tutu felt comfortable and safe with her new friend. Each day with Jessica was an adventure discovering the marvels of the present era.

However, the fact that Princess Tutu had disappeared from the museum was already known by many, and especially by the treasure hunters who were hot on her trail. Stay tuned for more!

Chapter 3: Insidious plan

In the night when Tutu came to life, momentous events were unfolding on the darker side of New York, right at the heart of a criminal gang of treasure hunters.

Deep in the seedy underbelly of New York, a nefarious meeting was taking place. In a dingy warehouse, mob boss Mr. Greyston addressed a group of his most ruthless treasure hunters.

Scary mob boss and his gangsters in a dingy warehouse.

“Gentlemen, our biggest heist yet is nearly upon us,” he announced. “If we succeed, the Egyptian artifacts from the museum exhibition will make us all rich beyond belief.”

The men chuckled greedily as they examined maps and security plans. For weeks they had staked out the museum, studying the night guard shifts and alarm systems.

“I’ve got the perfect plan all worked out,” boasted Rex, Greyston’s head thief. “We’ll sneak in through the roof, knock out the night watchman, and grab as much loot as we can carry!”

The others patted him on the back, confident in Rex’s scheme. But Greyston raised a hand to quiet the premature celebrations.

“There’s been a new…development,” he said slowly. The men looked puzzled.

Greyston sat in his black sedan outside the museum, watching the building through binoculars. He had sent Rex and his men to stake out the museum tonight, but Greyston needed to oversee this operation personally.

Three hooded thieves snooping around a museum at night.

Hours passed uneventfully. Then suddenly, Greyston sat up alert as a guard emerged from a side door. Oddly, he was accompanied by a small child wrapped in tattered linens trailing behind him.

Greyston grabbed his camera and zoomed in, snapping photos. He muttered a curse under his breath as the mummy child’s face became clear in the lens. It matched the likeness of Princess Tutu he had seen in ancient artworks.

“Impossible…” he whispered. But the evidence was right before his eyes. Somehow, after thousands of years, the legendary sorceress had been brought back to life!

He observed as the guard led the revived mummy into his car. Greyston tailed them from a distance, all the way to the guard’s home. His mind spun with the implications of this discovery. Controlling an actual Egyptian princess could make him the most powerful man in history!

A car in front of a museum.

Over the next few days, Greyston had Rex monitor the mummy girl’s activities around the city. They even bugged the guard’s home to listen in. The more he learned about her emerging magical powers, the more convinced he became that this was the real Princess Tutu.

Greyston pressed a button and a projector displayed an image of Tutu wandering the museum. The men gasped and murmured in surprise.

“That’s right, gentlemen. The legendary Princess Tutu has somehow come back to life!” Greyston declared. “Bringing me the mummy herself would be far more valuable than any common artifacts.”

The thieves grinned wickedly, already envisioning the power and notoriety that could come from controlling an actual Egyptian sorceress.

For days they tracked Tutu’s movements, watching as she explored the city with her new friend Jessica.They waited for the perfect chance to ambush and kidnap the princess.

Gangsters infiltrated in a crowded street.

One night when Jessica’s parents were at the theater, Jessica and Tutu decided to have a movie evening. 

Cute mummy Tutu sitting on a sofa and watching movies.

One dark and moonless night, the ominous shadow of the treasure hunters loomed over Jessica’s house. Like phantoms, Rex and his henchmen infiltrated the premises, their intentions as dark as the night itself. Swiftly, Rex deftly picked the lock on the back door, and with calculated precision, they ascended the staircase.

Scary gangster Rex and his henchmen in front of a house.

In the upstairs silence, Tutu stirred in her slumber, her senses attuned to the encroaching danger. Her eyes snapped open just as strange men burst into the room, their presence suffocating. Panic welled up within her, but before a cry could escape her lips, Rex pressed a cloth over her face, shrouding her in darkness.

Scared mummy Tutu in her bed.

A sinister smirk curved across Rex’s lips. “You’re coming with us, your highness,” he sneered, a chilling mockery of respect. The two burly men moved in, their iron grip constricting around Tutu. The world blurred as they attempted to wrench her away from the safety of her haven.

Then, like a lightning strike, the room exploded into action. Jessica stormed in, wielding a bat like a warrior. Her fierce determination echoed in her voice as she demanded, “Let her go!”

Shocked and scared young girl Jessica.

The bat swung true, connecting with the knee of one of the thieves. The room resounded with a grunt of pain as the man crumpled to the floor. Seizing the moment, Tutu wriggled free from their grasp, and together, the two girls charged down the stairs, hearts pounding in tandem.

But their escape was met with an unexpected barricade. Three more men, armed and determined, stood at the front door, closing off their path. A shiver of fear danced down Jessica’s spine, but she refused to show it.

In an instant, Tutu’s eyes locked onto a solution. With unspoken determination, they sprinted towards the haven of their parents’ bedroom on the second floor. Behind the closed door, they locked themselves in, a temporary sanctuary against the encroaching threat.

Breathless and wide-eyed, Jessica turned to Tutu, confusion etched across her face. “What are you planning?”

A spark of ingenuity gleamed in Tutu’s eyes. She swiftly instructed, “Take this end,” as she handed Jessica a length of the linen bandages.

Young brown haired girl Jessica starting to climb on a linen bandage hanging from a window.

Understanding flickered in Jessica’s gaze, and with a determined nod, she gripped the offered bandage. Tutu’s hands worked deftly, transforming the fabric into an improvised lasso around the bedpost. Tension grew as the makeshift rope tautened, its purpose clear.

Amidst the mounting footsteps ascending the stairs, Tutu completed her task. The window beckoned as an escape route, a lifeline out into the unknown. Tutu’s gaze met Jessica’s, urgency passing between them like an unspoken oath.

The heavy thuds of impending danger reverberated. “Go, now!” Tutu’s voice carried a fierce command, a plea to seize the chance for freedom.”

Jessica gripped the bandages and slid down first. Reaching the ground, she turned to spot Tutu rappelling down the fabric rope with ease.

Just then, the treasure hunters burst into the room. “There!” Rex spotted the girls and grabbed at the trailing bandages. But Tutu was too quick. She slipped from his grasp.

“After them!” Rex bellowed out the window. But Tutu and Jessica were already disappearing into the night.

They ran through back alleys, careful not to leave a trail. The men’s angry shouts echoed not far behind.

Rounding a corner, the girls suddenly ran straight into two more gang members. Jessica screamed as they seized her.

Thinking fast, Tutu unraveled more of her bandages, wrapping them around a broken pipe. She swung it, knocking the men away from Jessica.

Two defeated gang members lying on a street.

Adrenaline pumping, the girls fled hand in hand through the maze of dark backstreets. They could hear the men splitting up to cut off their escape routes.

“In here!” Jessica pulled Tutu into an old subway maintenance tunnel. They squeezed through the narrow entrance just as flashlights flared past the alley opening.

Old abandoned subway tunnel.

Chapter 4: Egyptian Escape

Jessica and Tutu hurried along the dark, winding streets, darting from shadow to shadow whenever car headlights swept past. Exhaustion weighed on their small bodies, but adrenaline kept them pushing forward.

Front view of an Egyptian shop on a street.

After what felt like hours navigating the concrete maze, they arrived at a shop tucked away in a sleepy neighborhood. Faded gold letters spelled out “Madam Zaria’s Egyptian Emporium” on the worn sign.

Stepping inside, the musty air enveloped them, laden with ancient scents. Every surface was crammed with relics and artifacts—stone statues with bodies of men and heads of beasts, sarcophagi intricately decorated with scenes of gods and pharaohs, trays of tarnished jewelry glinting in the low light.

Egyptian shop in New York with an elderly gypsy lady.

Behind a chaotic counter overflowing with maps, books, and urns, stood an eccentric elderly woman draped in vivid robes. Her deeply wrinkled face was etched with cryptic tattoos. Wisps of silver hair peeked out from her jeweled turban. Her piercing obsidian eyes studied the girls curiously.

Jessica quickly explained their dangerous plight, how Mr. Greystone’s ruthless hunters were tracking Tutu, convinced she possessed ancient magical powers that could make him rich and feared.

“But it’s not true!” Tutu clarified anxiously. “I’m just a normal girl who woke up in a strange new world. I don’t have any special powers.”

Surprised cute mummy Tutu in a shop with many artifacts.

The woman nodded slowly, gazing thoughtfully at Tutu. She circled around the small mummy, examining her yellowed bandages, the symbols etched into her palms.

“I see, my dear…Greed drives men like Greystone to spread lies and falsehoods. He cares not for truth, only the fortune and glory possessing a living relic would bring him.”

Madam Zaria’s gaze lingered on Tutu for a moment longer, a glimmer of recognition passing her eyes. “Ah, Princess Tutu,” she whispered. “Legends of your existence have been whispered among the mystics for centuries. Your presence in this era is both a marvel and a curse.”

Mummy Tutu in Zaira's shop with many artifacts.

Tutu looked startled. “You know of me?”

The elderly mystic nodded. “Indeed, and if I can recognize you, others will too. Your distinct appearance is well-documented in ancient lore. The more people become aware of who you truly are, the less peace you will have. There will be an international hunt, not just from Greystone but from others who wish to exploit your legendary status.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in horror. “We have to change how she looks then!”

Madam Zaria nodded in agreement. “That’s our immediate solution.”

Madam Zaria beckoned for the girls to follow her through a beaded curtain into a secret back room. The windowless space was dimly lit by clusters of candles, their flickering flames casting dancing shadows on the stone walls.

Along the shelves were crammed leather books with crumbling pages, skulls of animals, unmarked vials and pots, and strange ancient tools. Clay vessels emitted tendrils of fragrant exotic smoke. In the room’s center lay a large wooden table etched with mysterious symbols and stained a dark maroon hue.

Shelf with many different potions and artifacts.

Madam Zaria slowly scanned the contents of the shelves, murmuring under her breath. At last she plucked out a small glass vial of swirling azure liquid.

“Drink this, my dear, and it will temporarily transform your appearance beyond recognition. We will continue with another potion and ritual tomorrow. Greystone’s foul underlings will not be able to find you.”

Swirling azure potion in a glass jar.

Tutu accepted the potion with gratitude. This fascinating woman’s magic was their only hope of buying time to plan a permanent escape.

Chapter 5: Miraculous transformation

The next morning, rays of sunlight streamed through the dusty windows of Madam Zaria’s back room. Tutu awoke feeling nervous but hopeful about the day ahead.

Madam Zaria bustled about, lighting incense and preparing the potion ritual. “Come child, it is time,” she beckoned to Tutu.

Tutu stepped into the center of the room marked with mystical symbols. Zaria placed five candles around her in a pentagram shape. She chanted in a long-forgotten tongue, waving her hand over the flickering flames.

Mummy Tutu during a ritual with candles.

Retrieving the swirling blue elixir, Zaria reverently presented it to Tutu. “Drink every last drop, your highness. The transformation will begin at sunrise.”

Tutu accepted the cold vial with trembling hands. Jessica squeezed her shoulder supportively as Tutu tipped her head back and swallowed the potion. It tasted of spearmint and spices, leaving a tingling sensation on her tongue.

Mummy Tutu after drinking a special potion.

Now they waited anxiously for the potion to take effect. Tutu didn’t feel any different yet. But when the first rays of golden sun peaked over the horizon, an intense tingling overtook her body.

Tutu gasped as the linen bandages encasing her frame began unwinding rapidly on their own. Next, her sandaled feet shifted—growing longer and more slender.

Scared mummy Tutu.

The symbols on her palms faded until her hands appeared those of an ordinary young girl. Most astonishing was the change in her face—her shriveled features filling out with youthful glow.

When the transformation was completed, Tutu turned to examine her reflection in a brass urn. Staring back at her was a beautiful Egyptian girl of about twelve years, with long ebony hair and mesmerizing emerald eyes.

Young beautiful Egyptian girl Mindy in a shop with many artifacts.

Jessica hugged her friend joyfully. “It worked, Tutu! No one will recognize you now.”

Tutu smiled back gratefully, but then paused in thought. “If I’m to have a new life here, I shall need a new name…”

After contemplating, she declared, “Mindy. Please, call me Mindy from now on.”

With her disguise in place, the girl once known as Tutu felt a rush of hope. Perhaps this modern world could finally become a safe home for her after all.

The end.

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