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Cute snowman.

Chubby Snowman’s Christmas Wish

Chubby snowman, round and white,
Stands under the moon so bright.
Wearing a hat, and a scarf so neat,
With two big boots on his snowy feet.

Cute snowman.

He dreams of Christmas, full of fun,
Of candy canes and gingerbread run.
He wishes for laughter, joy, and cheer,
In every home, far and near.

“Jingle bells,” the snowman sings,
As he imagines Christmas brings,
Toys and games for girls and boys,
Wrapped in paper, full of joys.

Santa Claus standing next to a Christmas tree with presents.

He sees the sleigh up in the sky,
Santa waves as he flies by.
“Happy Christmas to all,” he hears,
Bringing smiles, ending tears.

Chubby snowman, with a heart so warm,
Wishes peace, love, and no harm.
As snowflakes dance, he stands so still,
Spreading Christmas joy, as snowmen will.

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