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In the silent night so clear,
Twinkling stars, oh, so near.
Underneath the sky so bright,
Christmas whispers in the night.

Tiny lights on trees do glow,
Gentle snowflakes fall like snow.
Every house, with lights so merry,
Smells of pine and sweet berry.

Christmas tree visible through the window.

Hear the sleigh bells in the air,
Laughter echoes everywhere.
Children sing with voices sweet,
Dancing on their happy feet.

Happy children dancing next to a Christmas tree.

Warm cocoa by the fire’s side,
Tales of Christmas, told with pride.
Wishes made on stars above,
Filled with hope, and peace, and love.

In this night so calm and still,
Hearts with joy and warmth we fill.
Christmas spirit, kind and bright,
Blesses all this silent night.

Cute and happy Santa Claus.

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