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Young boy making a snow angel.

Merry Games on Christmas Day

In the heart of Christmas town,
Where joy is spread all around.
Children laugh and sleigh bells ring,
Oh, what joy the day does bring!

Snowball fights in the fluffy snow,
Making angels row by row.
Sleds that race down hills so steep,
Memories to make and keep.

Young boy making a snow angel.

Underneath the twinkling lights,
Faces glow, oh what a sight!
Hot cocoa with marshmallows high,
Steam rises to the sky.

Hot cocoa with marshmallows in a cute pink mug.

Games of tag and hide and seek,
Peek-a-boo with giggles meek.
Carols sung in voices clear,
Spreading warmth and spreading cheer.

In the kitchen, cookies bake,
Shapes and sizes we do make.
Icing swirls and sprinkles bright,
Sweet delights in every bite.

Round the tree, we dance and play,
Celebrating Christmas Day.
Gifts of love, wrapped up with care,
Laughter fills the festive air.

In this time of merry cheer,
We hold our loved ones near.
For Christmas is a time to say,
Love and joy come our way.

Cute Christmas cookies.

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