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In the sky so high and clear,
A little snowflake appears, so dear.
Drifting down from heavens above,
On a journey filled with love.

Twirling, swirling, in the breeze,
Dancing through the winter trees.
Glistening like a tiny star,
Shining bright, shining far.

Beautiful snowflake in the sky.

A snowflake, unique and fine,
With patterns that beautifully entwine.
Each journey different, each path its own,
In the winter sky, where they have flown.

Landing softly on the ground,
Without a sound, without a bound.
Joining others, hand in hand,
Covering the streets, covering the land.

Beautiful snowflake on a snowy ground.

In the meadow, children play,
Making snowmen, happy and gay.
Little snowflake joins the fun,
In the world of winter sun.

At night, under the moon’s soft glow,
Little snowflake seems to know.
That though it’s small, and oh so slight,
It’s part of winter’s pure delight.

So whenever a snowflake you see,
Remember its journey, wild and free.
A symbol of peace, of joy so true,
A winter’s gift, for me and for you.

Children making snowman.

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