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In a winter wonderland so bright,
Where snowflakes fall so light,
Stands a snowman, tall and grand,
With a carrot nose and a stick in hand.

He wears a hat, black and round,
In the cold, he makes no sound.
Button eyes and a smile so wide,
Watching children play and slide.

Snowman with a black hat and a scarf on a playground.

By day, he basks in the sun’s soft glow,
At night, he twinkles in the moon’s show.
Guarding the yard, so still and fine,
In his scarf of red, he looks divine.

Snowman dreams of laughter and cheer,
Of the joy that comes with the year.
He wishes for peace, for love so true,
In a world so bright and blue.

With each snowball, kids make and throw,
Our snowman’s heart seems to grow.
In the magic of this winter scene,
He stands proud, calm, and serene.

Though the sun may rise and set,
Our snowman has no regret.
For in this winter wonderland dream,
He’s more than just snow, he’s part of the team.

Happy children playing on a snowy playground.

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