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In the heart of Christmas, there’s a gentle glow,
A warmth that comes from deep within, as all the families know.
It’s not about the presents, or the tinsel, or the tree,
It’s about the love we share, as clear as can be.

Happy family of four standing next to a Christmas tree.

In every hug and every smile, in every kind deed done,
The heart of Christmas beats so strong, uniting everyone.
It’s in the laughter, in the songs, in the stories we tell,
In every moment of peace and joy, where love and kindness dwell.

Two happy children dancing next to a Christmas tree.

We give and share, we help and care, in ways both big and small,
The heart of Christmas, full of love, is the greatest gift of all.
So let’s hold hands around the world, let’s spread this cheer so bright,
For love is the truest Christmas gift, shining day and night.

In the heart of Christmas, in the cold winter’s chill,
There’s warmth in every kind word, in every goodwill.
For love is the magic that makes the season shine,
In the heart of Christmas, where everything’s just fine.

Happy family standing next to a Christmas tree.

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